Wednesday 10 July 2024

The first container arrives!

The first of the two shipping containers which will replace the wooden hut near the Scarcroft Road entrance to the site has arrived. Work on demolishing the hit will start soonand we hope to be up and running agagin with the new shop by late August or early September. Watch this space!

Tuesday 2 July 2024

Work on the new shop hut is about to start!

 Hi all,

We have now scheduled the project to replace the shop hut on Scarcroft.

The shop will open this weekend 6th and 7th July as normal - but will then be closed during works.

We will later announce a reopening date which will be in early September (or late August if this is possible).

Please see below advice which has been sent by YACIO to Scarcroft tenants. 

Please note these key facts:

Shop closed after 7th July    

NO PARKING on 10th July 

limited parking space thereafter

NO PARKING from 22nd July onwards 

From 22nd July onwards, no access via the vehicle gate and carpark area; access to the front paths from other gates only

These constraints are necessary because we must erect security fencing around the work site for public safety. See map of the area affected below

During these works, please use the closest alternative pedestrian routes, and offsite public parking e.g. on Scarcroft Road. 

Thank you all for your co-operation to help us achieve this significant project. We will welcome you back to the new-look shop by September! 


your Association Committee

Tuesday 26 March 2024

It's time for the AGM


The Annual meeting of the Association will be held at 7:30pm on 10 April 2024, at the Hamilton Panthers Clubhouse, Knavesmire Road (near the junction with Tadcaster Road).

**A picture of the Clubhouse (side view, taken from the cycle path across Little Knavesmire where it joins Knavesmire Road) is shown below.  There is free parking on the road and limited parking on site**


download this agenda as a document here

  1. Welcome 

  2. Apologies for absence 

  3. Minutes of the AGM held 26th April 2023 and any matters arising download here

  4. Committee’s / Chair’s report

  5. Treasurer’s report download last years accounts here

  6. Election of the committee 

  7. Replacement of Association shop – progress update and opportunity for discussion

  8. Any other business


Friday 15 March 2024

A reminder about any special seed orders: please get your order to us by this weekend!

List donwload here

Order form  here

If you would like to order any seeds, please get your order to us by this weekend!

We do of course also have all the usual (loose, 50p and packeted) seed varieties on sale in the shop, along with desired consumables...

Please note however - the shop has now completely sold out of seed potatoes (unless you still have uncollected pre-order to collect). So our policy of not overstocking seems to have worked (!)... but it does mean that it is worthwhile placing your order at year end, to be sure of securing what you'd like. Sorry to those of you who were disappointed.  

On an IT note: please disregard any email enthusing about the Allotments Association using "Outlook Groups". This was generated unintentionally after an Outlook upgrade - we have now disabled Groups - it is not a functionality which we plan to introduce.   


your Association Committee

Sunday 10 March 2024

The water is back on!


There are no severe frosts forecast, so Claire and Graham have turned the water supply back on. 

One tap, next to plots 80/81, is not working at the moment, and we've alerted YACIO to this; the nearest working tap to this one is next to plot 78.

Sunday 11 February 2024

It's that time of year again!

 Latest news for 2024:

Our shop re-opens this weekend; Saturday 3rd Feb @ 1:30-3:30pm / Sunday 4th Feb @ 10am - 12 noon

Potatoes have not yet arrived owing to the cold weather - we are chasing a confirmed delivery date

Scarcroft site care day - please come and join us for some light litter picking etc on Sunday 25th February, 2pm - 3:30pm

Please find here a list of the seeds we stock (Seeds 2024). We welcome suggestions for any further items for general stock. 

For individual seed orders, please use the seed order form here and refer to the packet seed list 2023-24 here

Owing to lack of take up, we have decided not to renew the RHS membership this year, so will not be offering use of their discount card for garden visits.

Planning permission has been received for the new replacement Scarcroft shop! We will now obtain revised quotes, so watch this space for updates!

Please find at this link notice of St Leonards plant fair on 1st May for which donations of plants will be welcome.


This year's potatoes, onion sets and shallots have arrived at Scarcroft site shop


The standard potato varieties, which can be purchased without pre-ordering - Red Duke of York, Charlotte, Desiree, Maris Piper - are all £1.30 per kilo.


Pre-ordered 2kg bags of other varieties are £3.00 (£4.50 for Pink Fir Apple). 


Onion sets (two varieties) are £ 2.50 for a pack of 50 (average 220g) or £1.25 per 100g loose.


Shallots (two varieties) are £4.50 for a pack (400g) or £1.10 per 100g loose.

Sunday 21 January 2024

News from our Site Secretaries

Dear Scarcroft Allotments Tenants,

Happy New Year!  We hope it’s a successful one for all gardeners!  

At the beginning of February, we’ll be doing an inspection of hedges on the site.  Please make sure that work to trim the height of your hedges is at least under way by then so that it can be completed by the beginning of March.  Your tenancy agreement states: Hedges and fences should not normally exceed a height of 1.5 metres above soil level. In the case of hedges 1.5 metres is the trimmed winter height (e.g. hedges must be cut back to this height at least annually). Where there is a case for exceeding 1.5 metres in height, for example for environmental, safety, or security reasons, this must be agreed by YACIO.  

Please also look out for any self-sown saplings in your hedge or plot, usually ash trees.  These need to be cut right down, or removed if they’re small enough.  Any brash from cutting back hedges and saplings must be taken away to the tip or kept within the plot; please do not dump brash elsewhere on the site.

There are more high winds forecast over the next few days so it’s worth spending time supporting vulnerable plants and checking that any structures on your plot are secure.

We’ll be doing our usual full inspection of allotment plots around the end of March, to give time for everybody to have their plots ready for the growing season.

One of our tenants has a children’s slide which he would be happy to give away to anyone whose child would enjoy it.  If you’re interested, please contact Rob on 07989 539503.  

We also have a child’s swing, a small playhouse, a plastic sandpit and a small child’s bouncer (sprung surface with safety handle) on a vacated plot.  Please contact us at if you would like to have any of this equipment.

You may have already heard that after seventeen years of helping to manage the site as volunteer site secretaries, we’ve decided that this year will be our last in that role – time for another allotment tenant (or tenants) to take over!  Do think about taking on the job (you don’t have to commit to seventeen years!) and discuss it with other tenants, especially if you think you’d like to share the role with someone else.  If you want to know more about what’s involved, we’re happy to have a chat.

All the best,

Claire and Graham

Blogger's Note: everyone who gardens at Scarcroft owes a huge debt of gratitude to Claire and Graham for all the work they've done over the years as site secretaries: they've carried it out with diligence, humour and understanding and they will be a hard act follow.

Monday 20 November 2023

Join us for an end-of-season gathering

On Sunday 3rd December at 11.30 a.m., we're holding our usual end-of-season social get-together at the Association Shop on Scarcroft site, with mulled wine (and soft drinks) and mince pies. We'd love to see you there.

If you have a little time to spare, and are perhaps looking to volunteer in a community initiative, you might be interested in getting more involved in your Association in 2024. We welcome any members who might like to contribute in any way - particularly anyone who would like to join our volunteers running the shop at weekends. If this appeals to you, then even once every few weeks would be a great help to us! Email us, or just drop in on Dec 3rd.   

Tuesday 26 September 2023

Autumn update from the Association Committee

 Here are some updates for you, to help settle into autumn:


Manure has arrived TODAY at Scarcroft - £2 a barrowload - please put through hut letterbox, or pay during shop opening hours, or online (enquire if details needed). Why not apply this season, and let the worms do the work over the winter !!

Autumn-planting onions - Senshyu and Winter Red - now on sale in the shop Sat/Sun.

Autumn-planting garlic - Solent Wight - will be on sale from early October.

Seed Potato Orders

This year, you can pre-order 2kg packs from a wide range of varieties, at very competitive prices.  These must be pre-ordered in coming weeks - we need to receive your order by Friday 27th October latest. Please see all the details on the order form which you can download here.  

In addition, we'll be offering four popular varieties (see order form) that we will pack in 1kg bags. These can either be pre-ordered now as above, OR bought when we receive the potatoes from our supplier in February (while stocks last only). 

Lawn care products

We're doing a clearance sale of large bags of lawn care products. 

Feed and Weed:    We have 2 x 25kg bags which we're offering for £20 each (current internet price average is over £40 each!) OR £35 for the two;

Lawn Sand:    We have 2 x 25kg bags which we're offering for £10 each (current internet price average is over £25 each!) OR £15 for the two;  we also have 1 x 16kg bag (current internet price average is £19!) which we're offering for £8.

Good gardening to all!


your Association Committee

Friday 14 July 2023

The footpath improvement work at Scarcroft site is now completed


As you can see, work on improving the main footpath through the Scarcroft site is now completed and has brought about a vast improvement. Our thanks to all involved!

Tuesday 11 July 2023

Footpath improvement work at Scarcroft this Friday

This Friday, 14th July, sections of the main footpath through the site will be gravelled to improve water run-off and reduce muddiness following wet weather.  The car park area of the site will be used for delivery of gravel and machinery for the work, so it will not be possible to park there during this day.  We're sorry for any inconvenience.

The work is being carried out by Jackson, the company carrying out the extensive works on the Tadcaster Road.  They are doing the work without charge as part of their community projects, while they are working in the area.  We're very grateful to the company for their generosity.  Setting up this project on the Scarcroft site has involved Scarcroft Allotments Association, YACIO and City of York Council.  

Monday 24 April 2023

India's environmental commitment at Scarcroft recognised


Congratulations to India Szechy who has been awarded a Blue Peter Badge following the help which she and her plotholder mum Agnes gave during the Site Care Day in February. The badge is a green one which is awarded for caring for the environment and nature.

For those of us who are slightly longer in the tooth than India It seems that there are two things to celebrate. First, that someone of India's age should set such a shining example. Second, that the Blue Peter Badge scheme is still there to recognise and reward the wonderful things that many young people do. Hats off to them all!

Monday 17 April 2023

It's the AGM on 26th April

The Association's Annual General Meeting this year will be on 26th April at 7.30 p.m. in the Hamilton Panthers Clubhouse at the Little Knavesmire.

Please find the agenda and draft minutes by clicking on the hyperlinks.

The annual summary of accounts will be circulated prior to the meeting.

Also in the downloads are items relating to the Scarcroft Shop replacement:

- Discussion notes from last year's AGM

- Draft minutes of Extaordinary General Meeting on this subject.

We hope to see you there if you can make it!

Wednesday 29 March 2023

Site Inspection postponed....and free children's play equipment

Given the recent heavy rain, we've put back the date of our first full inspection until around the middle of April, just after Easter, to give a little more time for you to prepare your plot.

This children's play equipment belonged to a former tenant and is no longer needed by this tenant or by the new tenant of the plot. 
It's on the footpath near the green 'triangle' on the site. 
Please take any item(s) you have a good home for!

Sunday 5 March 2023

Spring has (almost) sprung!

We’re now in the first month of spring, though it looks like being a while before the weather – and the soil – is warm enough for a lot of serious sowing and planting.  If there are no really cold spells in the weather forecasts, we’ll be turning the water supply to the site back on in the second half of the coming week.  

If you have hedges that need trimming and/or any saplings growing in your plot or on its boundary, now is a good time to cut them back, before the bird nesting season gets under way.  Please keep any brash or branches on your plot.  If you can’t take them to the council tip or otherwise dispose of them on your plot (even woody brash will rot down for compost given time…), just cut them up and tuck them into the bottom of your hedge.

If you have garden tools that you use on your plot and you’re concerned about security, there will be police property marking sessions during the season where you can get any tools/wheelbarrows etc. marked for free.  Local sessions will be at Southlands Methodist Church, 97 Bishopthorpe Road, York, YO23 1NX on the following dates: June 1st, Aug 3rd, Oct 5th from 10.30am – 2.00pm.  North Yorkshire Police say:  "We will be there to talk about crime prevention and home security, and will be offering the free DotPeen property marking machine as well as the opportunity to sign up to North Yorkshire Police's community messaging service."

We’ll be doing this year’s first full inspection of plots on the site towards the end of March.  If there are any reasons why you won’t be able to have your plot ready for cultivation by then, other than obvious reasons that we’ll know about such as recently taking over a neglected plot, please let YACIO know      ( ) so that they can advise us.

All the best,

Claire and Graham