About Us

The Association is made up of allotmenteers and local gardeners predominantly based in the Southbank, Bishophill, Dringhouses and Acomb areas of York. Our three local allotment sites are, Hob Moor, Hospital Fields and Scarcroft yet we are also keen to welcome other allotment and home gardeners from other areas of the City. The association has a shop on the Scarcroft site that provides gardening supplies and support to members. We also organise a variety of social and educational events throughout the year for members and the wider community, see photos below. We enjoy being part of a lively community and working  with local businesses, such as Pextons hardware shop and The Golden Ball community pub. We are a not for profit organisation and membership is just £2.50 per annum. If you are interested in joining, please take a look at our other webpages to find out more and don't hesitate to contact us with any queries: scarcroftallotments@live.co.uk

Bat & Moth Evenings

End of Summer Feast

A time to get together with fellow growers
Gorgeous homemade produce

Site Maintenance

Pruning Demonstration

Barrows of wood chippings for pathways

An association outing to Harlow Carr

Just some of the members enjoying Harlow Carr

Beautiful view of Harlow Carr