Association Committee & Useful Contacts

The Scarcroft and District Allotment Association Committee comprises:

Chair: Graham Sanderson (Scarcroft, Plots 83 & 87)
Treasurer: Mike Oldfield (Hospital Fields, Plot 34)
Secretary: Claire Pickard (Scarcroft Site Secretary, Plot 5B)

Sara Robin (Scarcroft, Plot 108)
Sarah Austin (Hob Moor Site Secretary, Plot 13)
Adrian Clayton (Scarcroft, Plot 91B)
Gill Wignall (Scarcroft, Plot 33)
Chris Adams (Hospital Fields Site Secretary, Plot 4)
Ralph Major (Scarcroft, Plot)
Margaret Preston (Scarcroft, Plot)

Committee members can be contacted via: or by calling into the allotment shop and leaving a message.

The committee meets about 5 times a year in the Golden Ball pub on a Wednesday and is always keen to welcome new members, whether private gardeners or allotmenteers. If you would like to play a more active role in the association then please e-mail us or call into the shop, we would be pleased to hear from you. 

Useful Contacts:

The three allotment sites, Scarcroft, Hospital Fields and Hob Moor are managed by York City Council. If you want to join one of the waiting lists, or give up or divide your plot, please contact the council's Allotment's Administrator: 

Julie Simpson -   Tel: 01904 553433

The Allotment's Administrator will put you in touch with the appropriate Site Secretary:
Claire Pickard - Scarcroft
Sarah Austin - Hob Moor
Chris Adams - Hospital Field

Each Site Secretary manages the waiting list of their allotment site, and is also there for tenants to raise any problems they may have with their plot. As with all allotment sites in the city, there are currently waiting lists on all 3 sites.
  • Hob Moor - 31 plots in total (3 in half, 1 divided in 3)  - 33 plot holders  - 18 on waiting list (2 yrs +)
  • Hospital Field - 35 plots in total(4 are divided in half) - 39 plotholders -  25 on waiting list (4/5 yrs)
  • Scarcroft - 125 plots in total (100 whole plots, 55 half/1/4 plots) - 155 plotholders - 90 - 100 on waiting list (4yrs +)

For more significant problems such as rats, hazards or maintenance matters, please contact the council's Allotment Officer:
Judith Ward -   Tel: 01904 553399
18 Back Swinegate
York YO1 8ZD

To report dog fouling please contact:  Dog Warden  Tel: 01904 553 433

In case of an emergency - e.g. someone in the act of breaking into or setting fire to a shed phone 999

For non emergencies - e.g. criminal damage found, people causing a nuisance phone 101
Our Police and Community Support Officers are Keith Hall PCSO 5457 and John Iemboli (pronounced Yemboli)
The Micklegate Safer Neighbourhood Team can be contacted on