Association Shop

Opening Hours
Saturdays 13.30 - 15.30
Sundays 10.00 - 12.00

The allotment shop can be found at the Scarcroft Road entrance to the Scarcroft site and caters specifically for the needs of association members. We stock a wide variety of goods, some being available all year and others on a seasonal basis, we also hire out equipment such as petrol mowers. If you are a member and have suggestions as to additional items for us to stock please drop us a line. If you aren't yet a member, then you are welcome to call in and see what we are about. The shop is staffed entirely by volunteers who will also happily offer help, advice and tall tales when needed. Please come in and say hello!


This year we are pleased to be able to offer discounted packeted seeds from Mr Fothergill's catalogue again.  However, in an improvement on previous years, ALL packeted seeds will have a 35% discount. We are hoping to get some printed catalogues into the shop but in the meantime you can access the catalogue at the Mr Fothergill's website: 
If you'd like to order, please just email the association or drop into the shop. An order form is available for your use. 

50p PACKET SEEDS (small packets, big convenience, no order required)
Climbing French Bean Cobra - Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco 2
Beetroot Bolthardy
Broccoli (Calabrese) Ironman F1
Purple Sprouting Broccoli Red Arrow
Butternut Squash Hunter F1
Cabbage Durham Early - Greyhound - January King Extra Late
Coriander Cilantro for Leaf
Courgette Battani F1
Leek Mussleburgh - Blue Solaise
Lettuce Salad Bow l- Little Gem - Lollo Rosso - Winter Density
Oriental & Baby Leaf Semposai 3 - Mizuna Kyoto
Parsnip Countess F1
Radish French Breakfast 
Savoy Cabbage Tourmaline F1
Spinach Bloomsdale - Missouri F1
Spring Onion White Lisbon
Swede Tweed F1
Sweet Corn Sweet Nugget F1
Winter Squash Uchiki Kuri
Herbs Dill Dukat - Basil Classic Italian - Sage

BULK DELIVERY  (you can borrow a barrow from the shop)
Woodchips  50p a barrow 
Manure  £1.50 a barrow

SEED POTATOES   Price / kg
Extra Early Rocket - Lady Christl  £1.40
First Early Vanessa (sold out) - Arran Pilot - Pentland Javelin - Orla  £1.40
Second Early Wilja - Kestrel - Charlotte  £1.40 
Second Early Organic Charlotte  £2.20
Maincrop Maris Piper - Desiree - Cara - King Edward - Sarpo Mira  £1.40
Maincrop Pink Fir Apple  £1.70

LOOSE PEAS & BEANS   Price / 100 gms
Pea (Early)  Douce Provence - Early Onward - Feltham First    80p / 100gms
Pea (Maincrop)  Hurst Greenshaft - Kelvedon Wonder - Onward   80p / 100gms
Dwarf Bean  Tendergreen  £1.40 / 100gms
Broad Bean  Aquadulce Claudia - Imperial Green Longpod  80p / 100gms 
                   The Sutton (Dwarf)  £1.00 / 100gms
Runner Bean  Polestar - Lady Di  £1.80 / 100gms 
                     Enorma - Scarlet Emperor  £1.60 / 100gms

Onion Sets  Sturon - Centurian  £2.90 / kg
Onion Sets  Red Baron - Red Karmen  £3.20 / kg
Shallots Yellow Moon - Red Sun  £3.30 / kg 
Garlic Vigour (sold out)

Fleece (17 gms/m2 & 2 mtrs wide)   40p / metre
Green Protection Netting (2 mtrs wide)  90p / metre
Ground Cover (1 mtr wide)  40p / metre
Anti - Bird Netting (2 mtrs wide)  £1.10 / metre

Peat Free 
New Horizon Peat Free M'purpose  60 ltr / £5.25 each OR 2 for £10
Organic Living Peat Free Grow Bag  35 ltr / £2.20 each OR 3 for £6
Contains Peat
Clover Multipurpose  75 ltr / £4.90 each OR 2 for £9.50
John Innes Nos. 1, 2 & 3   25ltr / £3.70 each
Growell Growbag £3.70 each
Erin Super Gro'bag  35ltr / £2.45 each OR 3 for £7

Horticultural Sharp Sand
Horticultural Grit Sand
Horticultural Coarse Grit

Groworganic Fertiliser  40ltr / £7.50
Groworganic Pelleted Fertiliser  2.5kg / £1.75

Growmore  2.5kg / £2.30
Blood, Fish & Bone  2.5kg / £2
Sulphate of Ammonia  2.5kg / £2.40
Sulphate of Potash  2kg / £3.90
Sterilised Bone Meal  2.5kg / £1.85
Sulphate of Iron 1kg / £1.35
Superphosphate  2.5kg / £2.90
Nitro Chalk  2.5kg / £2.90
Super Rose Food  2.5kg / £2.60
Potato Fertiliser  2.5kg / £3
Calcified Seaweed  2.5kg / £2.80
GEM Compost Maker  2.5kg / £1.60
Garden Lime (Calcium Carbonate)  3kg / £1.75

Maxicrop Original (Organic)  500ml / £1.95
Maxicrop Tomato  500ml / £1.95

Bamboo Canes
Natural Jute Twine
Plant Labels
Slug Pellets
Seed Trays
Grass Seed with rye  £3.40 / 1kg
Grass Seed without rye  £3.70 / 1kg
Wild Bird Seed   £1 / 1kg