Sunday, 20 December 2009

Seed Potato, Onion Set and Shallot and Peas and Beans Price List 2010

Below is our price list for potatoes, onion sets etc. and peas and beans. Requirements can be added to the Fothergill's Seed order form which is available from the shop or by e-mail.  To avoid possible disappointment, we would advise members to consider ordering their potato, onion and shallot requirements either by e-mail or at the shop.  (Those members who have already order potatoes please do not re-order unless additional quantities are required)


SEED POTATOES: Available end of JanuaryVariety Price per kg
Extra Early Rocket, Lady Christl £1-10
First Early Arran Pilot, Pentland Javelin, Red Duke of York £1-10
First Early Epicure £1-30
Second Early Maris Peer, Wilja, Kestrel, Charlotte £1-10
Maincrop Maris Piper, Desiree, Cara, Sante £1-10
Maincrop Pink Fir Apple £1-25
ONION SETS & SHALLOTS: Available end of January
Variety Price per kg
Onion Sets Turbo, Sturon £2-30
Onion Sets Red Baron £2-50
Shallots Golden Gourmet £3-20
Shallots Red Sun £3-65
Garlic Vigour ( 500 grms) £4-75
PEAS & BEANS: Available end of January
Variety Price / 100 grms
Pea (Early) Feltham First, Early Onward £0-75
Pea (Maincrop) Hurst Green Shaft, Kelvedon Wonder, Onward £0.75
Dwarf Bean Tendergreen £1-00
Broad Bean Aquadulce, Imperial Green Windsor £0-70
The Sutton £0-80
Runner Bean Enorma, Scarlet Emperor £1-15
Polestar £1-30

Even if you don't have the need to order anything at the moment it is worth popping in in January to see all the alterations that have been carried out to the interior of the shop.

Mike Oldfield and Tom Walters

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