Saturday, 23 January 2010

Committee Meeting Wed 20th January 2010

A meeting of the Scarcroft and District Allotment Association was held last Wednesday, in the Golden Ball Pub as usual.  A rough outline of what happens is set out below.  If you want full copies of the minutes please contact us on the usual e-mail address
  • Reviewing the minutes from 14th Oct and matters arising
  • News from Scarcroft and Hob Moor site secretaries - re waiting lists and plots coming free.  The overall waiting list for the 3 sites is about 100.
  • Arranging more volunteers to help Tom and Mike in the hut - all very keen to help out
  • An update on the blog and the results of the mini polls
  • An update on the membership list - 205 members in 2009, gradually more and more from sites outside our 3 main sites, ratio of 2:1 men to women members of the association, 125 have given us email which saves on printing costs.
  • Planning the AGM - discussing potential speakers, whether to invite Pextons and Deans to do a bit of PR and how to publicise AGM
  • Planning the content of the next Dig This - AGM details, site care days for each of the three sites, next social evening etc
  • AOB - having a speaker for a general event, producing postcards using allotment photos, Rowntree Society's request for suport for celebratory events in 2011, raffle at next social, joining Garden Organic as a group member (rejected as too few benefits and too expensive), doing another calendar for 2011, reminder of pruning event on Sun 31st 11-1pm
  • Date of next meeting 14th April 2010 at 7pm in the Golden Ball
Phew! And all that done and dusted only a few minutes after 9pm.

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