Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Harlow Carr Trip

Do you want to join us on a FREE trip to Harlow Carr?  We are going next Tuesday 27th of July.   The association is an affiliate member of the RHS which means we are entitled to one free trip to an RHS garden for up to 55 people.  For the last 2 years the association has purchased affiliate membership of the RHS for £30 (it is this price because we get our insurance from them).  Our affiliate membership runs from August to August and this years membership is about to run out.  This means is we don't take our free trip to Harlow Carr soon it will be wasted.  So we thought, let's go!  We know it's not much notice and that mid week will not be convenient for many of you, but if this trip is a success I am sure we will repeat it.

You can either meet us by the ticket office at Harlow Carr at 11am or meet us in the allotments car park on Scarcroft at 10am. To count as a group we must all enter the gardens together so please don't be late.  When we are in the garden everyone is free to do their own thing.  We will plan to head home around 3pm, unless you make other arrangements with the other people in your car.  We are not going to hire a coach just do car shares, so if you are interested in attending please email us on scarcroftallotments@live.co.uk and tell us the following:
  • how many are in your party
  • if there are any children in your party under 6 (as they will get in free anyway)
  • whether you will be taking your own car and whether you might have space for some additional passengers. 
  • if you don't have a car but are looking for a lift please also let us know so that we can try to fix you up with one. 
  • if you are already a personal member of the RHS.  You are very welcome to join us, but as you already get in free we won't count you towards our 55 total.
  • please also give us a mobile phone number for you so that we can contact you if you are late and don't end up waiting for someone who is not coming or waiting for someone who has already gone home in another car.
The deadline for putting your name down for this event is Sunday 25th July night.  We will tell Harlow Carr on Monday morning how many of us are coming.

It is about 25 miles each way to Harlow Carr, so please will each person who is getting  lift please give the driver of the car they are travelling in £2 to cover their petrol costs.

The highlight of the visit may be the kitchen garden, the sweet pea display or possibly Betty's Tea Room depending on your outlook.  Feel free to take a packed lunch though.  If you want more information about the garden visit http://www.rhs.org.uk/Gardens/Harlow-Carr/About-Harlow-Carr

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