Saturday, 23 October 2010

Scarcroft Tree Day - Volunteers needed - 2nd November

We need volunteers to help drag branches to a shredder on Tuesday 2nd November for 1 - 2 hour time slots from 9am  - 4pm .

Judith Ward, the council allotment officer, has arranged for a tree surgeon to carry out some urgent tree removal work on the Scarcroft site.  This work will principally focus on removal of ash and sycamores.  The council only has budget for one day's worth of work at the moment, so the Scarcroft and District Allotment association committee thought that in order to maximise the tree surgeon's time we would form a volunteer working party to do things like pulling branches to the shredder and thereby maximise the amount of skilled work the tree surgeon could do in a day.  Any help you are able to offer would be greatly appreciated.  We are looking for people to sign up for slots during the day, the aim being to have 2 - 3 people available to help the tree surgeon all day.  If you are able to help please contact the association on and say when you would like to help.

Please note that which trees are a priority has already been decided.  The association has conducted a thorough tree survey of the site and made recommendations to Judith.  Our recommendation have endeavoured to identify which trees grow the fastest, produce seeds which quickly shoot on neighbouring plots, impact plots by shading, are a problem to local houses and are least beneficial to wildlife.  Judith has the final decision and she has tried her utmost to take a balanced and fair approach.  There are many 'problem' trees on Scarcroft and this tree surgeon day will not be able to deal with all of them.  However, this is a start.  Both Judith and the committee also acknowledge there are also many trees on the site which are beneficial to wildlife and are appreciated by plot holder and local residents alike.  These trees are not the subject of this tree surgeon day.

If you would like a copy of the final tree survey please contact the association.

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