Sunday, 16 January 2011

All chipping in to move the chippings

Some of the many volunteers who shifted chippings on to the muddy paths
It was a rainy sunday but loads of volunteers showed up to shift the chippings that had been spread across the car park of the Scarcroft Site.  They were mostly spread along the path behind Wentworth Road and around the main gates.  Once this was done we ferry some up to any volunteers plots that wanted them and then moved what we could of the remainder into the newly built bay.

Many thanks to all who helped out.

If you want chippings please make sure you take them from outsie of the remaining pile in the middle of the the carpark and not the two orderly piles at either end.  Despite 4 hours of labour from a large team we haven't managed to shift all the chippings, so if you want some it would be helpful if you took them from the spread out pile in the middle of the car park.

Before (Sunday 9th) - this may not look masses but believe us it took long enough to shift.

After (Sunday 16th) - the pile was reduced to at least a quarter of its original size

Arlo was extremely helpful and brought his own wheel barrow

Frank and Mike built a new bay for the chippings

Volunteers filled Mike's trailer twice and took chippings over to Hob Moor

Some of the chippings were piled up in the new bay

Did you miss this volunteer event?  Don't worry the next one will be on Saturday 26th of February.  Look out for details nearer the time.

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