Monday, 2 April 2012

The Future of Urban Horticulture - Course Details

The University of York Centre for Lifelong Learning

What is the future of Urban Horticulture? - Urban Horticulture: Policy and the Future

11 week course starting Thurs 19 April 2012, 7-9pm
10 credits at Undergradate level 1
£107 full fee / £25 reduced fee (evidence required)

Local, ‘bottom-up’, community-based initiatives are only part of the solution to changing the global food system; ‘top-down’ support from policy-makers is vital.

In this module we will study different ‘policy instruments’ such as taxation, subsidies and education, and examine policymakers’ attitudes to urban horticulture both in the UK and globally, particularly in developing countries.

We will explore various approaches to changing policy in this area, such as transition towns, the Fair Trade and Trade Justice movements, and the ‘sustainable urban food policies’ being developed in many cities worldwide. Catherine Heinemeyer BSc MSc

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