Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Pumpkins Galore!

With pumpkin season well under way this is a timely reminder of an Allotment Pumpkin Challenge organised by the City of York Council. If you believe your pumpkins have what it takes, then why not pick up the gauntlet and get in touch with Darren Lovatt the council's Allotment Officer and register your interest. Judging takes place on 1st November, so don't delay...

The photo below shows an impressive display of pumpkins laid out and hardening off at our local Brunswick organic nursery in Bishopthorpe. To see them in the flesh why not pop along to their 'Pumpple Festival' this Sunday 26th October, when they will be celebrating all things 'pumpkintastic' and 'applicious'. How can you not resist!!!

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