Sunday, 13 September 2009

Autumn Manure Delivery

Patrick, our purveyor of manure.

This morning we had a delivery of lovely well rotted 2 year old cattle manure to the car park just outside the allotment shop/hut on the Scarcroft Site.  It's £1.50 a barrow load.  Please pay in the shop.  If it is not open when you are on the site please either put cash or a cheque through the letter box (we will come and check it nightly) or come back when it is open.  Just in case you need reminding the current opening hours are:

Saturday 13.30 - 3.30
Sunday 10.00 - 13.00

Please don't forget to pay.  It is a shame that we often make a loss on the manure deliveries. This delivery cost the association £100.  This time we are trying to be extra vigilant to keep an eye on who takes what, so if you do pay when no one is around you may wish to put your money in an envelope with your name on it so it is easier for us to know who has and who hasn't paid.

We are aware that the place that the manure is delivered to is not that convenient for everyone.  We have considered moving it but are restricted by the size of truck it gets delivered in and the fact some people feel it would upset folk who use the central public footpath if we put it on the 'triangle' in the middle of the site.  Also we are hopeful that, if the muck is near the shop, those who use it will all be more likely to pay for it.

Happy spreading.

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