Sunday, 1 November 2009

Planning for sweet peas

Photo by John Brierley
For those of you who are very organised, you may like a reminder that sweet peas can be planted now and overwintered in a green house or cold frame.
  • Sow in Oct/Nov into rootrainers or long thin pots. Push 2 well spaced seeds about 2.5cm below the compost surface.
  • When roots fill rootrainers, pot on two seedlings into a 2 litre pot. Pinch out the tips when plants have 3 or 4 pairs of leaves. Over-winter undercover in a light, cool place.
  • Plant out - 2 plants to a vertical - in a mild spell in March.
  • Tie them in every week to encourage straight stems.
  • (Can also be sown in Mar/April and planted out in April/May)
  • Flowers: Autumn sown in late May. Spring sown in earlysummer. Keep picking as often as you can.
Close your eyes and smell the bouquet floating across your plot.

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