Monday, 9 November 2009

Seed ordering for 2010

Following the success of the packet seed ordering system last year we shall once again be offering a similar service, modified slightly in the light of experience.

This year packet seeds will only be available from the Mr. Fothergill’s range and will be limited to vegetables & herbs. (Flower seeds create problems with VAT)

Mr Fothergill’s discount list – This shows the range of packet seeds which are available at a 35% discount when ordered through the shop. (Paper copies of this list are available in the shop, electronic copies will be sent out to the email list).
 Mr Fothergill’s colour catalogue (now available in the shop) – All vegetable seeds shown in the catalogue are available to order. Any varieties in the catalogue that do not appear on the Mr Fothergill’s discount list will be subject to a 10% discount only on the prices shown. Unfortunately the supply of sundries, plants, potatoes & onion sets is not available from this catalogue. So far, Mr Fothergills have only given us 10 copies of the catalogue so if you would like to borrow one to make your selection from please bring it back to the shop once you have finished with it. Alternatively, you can browse on line at or order your own copy of the catalogue through their website.

 Mr Fothergill’s also supplies a limited selection of organic seeds.

 In addition to the Mr Fothergill’s packet seeds we will also have a range of peas and beans in bulk. Prices are less than half the cost of an equivalent packet even after discount.
  • Peas: Early Onward, Feltham First, Hurst Greenshaft, Kelvedon Wonder & Onward
  • Broad Beans: Aquadulce, The Sutton & Imperial Green Longpod
  • Dwarf Beans: Tendergreen
  • Runner Beans: Polestar & Scarlet Emperor
Why Mr Fothergill’s? We believe they offer a good quality seed with a good germination rate. However, main factor is that we only need to order 30 packets in each order to achieve their discount. Other suppliers only give a discount when you order a larger amount, which would not give us the flexibility of ordering in batches.

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