Monday, 22 March 2010

AGM 2010

Around 30 people attended this year's AGM, including 2 members of our local constabulary PCSO Rachel Shaw and Mike Holden who were available before the meeting to take questions on crime on the sites and Cllr Tina Funnell and Cllr Julie Gunnell.  Graham Sanderson gave a charming chairman's address covering the best parts of the last year.  He also stepped in for Mike who was on holiday and presented the treasurers report.  Points of discussion included: why the committee had chosen to join the RHS and why it hadn't been brought to the AGM to approve (having asked Mike for more detail I can now confirm that the figure of £78? covers 2 years subscription and was principally motivated by the fact that membership gave us cheaper event insurance), having manure deliveries to other ends of the allotment site (apologies if I have missed anything off but I haven't seen the minutes yet). Then followed the election of the new committee and finally a very interesting presentation by Laura Potts on Herbs.  Laura, who had valiantly stepped in at the last minute, when our booked speaker had cancelled, covered ways in which a number of herbs (dandelion, comfrey, marigold, lemon balm, lemon verbena etc) could be used, their principle benefits and effects.  We then got to try various infusions, some delicious, others more fortifying, before closing the meeting around 9.    Thank you to everyone who turned up and supported this constitutional but still enjoyable event.
Graham, placed in shadow by the glare of Rachel and Mike's reflective jackets.
Laura's illustrated talk on Herbs for Health.

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