Tuesday, 22 March 2011

2011 AGM

A full house at Southlands Methodist Church Hall
Around 45 members attended this year's AGM.  There was praise all round from the chair, Graham Sanderson and an impressive and sound financial picture from the treasurer, Mike Oldfield (although Mike was unable to attend Graham presented his figures).  5 new committee members were elected, 7 people stood again and 4 people stepped down.  There were no changes to the constitution.

The AGM business was followed by an informative and entertaining talk by Scarcroft bee keeper, Hugh MacPherson.  Hugh's had had various trials and tribulations with his bees since starting a few years ago and the main aim of his talk seemed to be to discourage anyone else from keeping bees, but he presented this argument in such an engaging and interesting way that I am not sure he will have achieved his goal.

Hugh's Hives in the snow

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