Saturday, 5 March 2011

Scarcroft Allotments Site Care Day 2011

The Scarcroft Site Care Day took place on the 26th of February 2011. 

Many thanks to the 20 or so folks that turned up to help and especially to Sally Hayes and Roger Lee who provide 2 delicious types of homemade cakes for the workers to have with their tea and coffee in the allotment shop afterwards.  The team managed to clear the entire site of litter, clear mud from some of the concrete/stone paths and made another dint in the pile of chippings still covering the car park.  (please note we still haven't managed to clear the whole car park so if you want chipings - FOR FREE - please take them from the center of the car park first.)

I am sorry that I didn' manage to catch everyone's names but a big thanks to all who helpe out, including:

Sara Robin
Iris Wells
Caroline Boreham
Charlie, Vince and Lizzie Mitchell
Mary Andrews
Jenny Hartland
Andrew Burningham
Caroline Bush
Hugh MacPherson
Angela and Nick Longman
Gill Wignall
Linda Terry
Debbie Pendle
Win Derbyshire
Plus several others...
Caroline Bush on the endless task of shifting the chippings

Folks having tea in the hut afterwards - From Left to Right - Caroline Boreham, Charlie Mitchell, Jenny Hartland,  Mary Andrews,and Andrew Burningham, Vince Mitchell and Lizzie

Iris Wells and Sara Robin (Sara directing folks and shifting barrows of chippings).

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