Sunday, 17 April 2011

Bean Poles, Fence Posts & Bamboo Canes

Various structural support solutions are now available at the Allotment Association's shop on Scarcroft

Come on down to take a look.

Silver Birch Bean Poles: £9 for 15 poles

These 8' Silver Birch poles (pictured above and below right) are cut from sustainably managed woods in the Vale of York.
The uneven texture of the poles gives the plants a better grip than imported bamboo cane.
A bundle of fifteen poles will make a sturdy frame with seven uprights each side and one crosspiece.
Properly stored they will give you several years' service.

Fence posts: £2 each, 5' 6" x 2"

Sturdy fence posts are also available at the bargain price of only £2 each, pictured to the right resting amongst the bean poles, and modelled below by the glamourous hut assistant, George.

Bamboo Canes: Various lengths available

See attached photo, always available in the Association Shop.

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