Saturday, 23 April 2011

Government Review of Statutory Duties - Links & Tips

Further to the previous post regarding the upcoming government review, which could threaten the provision of allotments, here are some more links and guidance with regards to the online forms and what we can all do to help.

The Government has announced a "Review of statutory duties", aimed at identifying and removing duties from local authorities which are a "burden".  One of the duties they are considering removing is the duty to provide sufficient number of allotments for people in the area who want one. This means ALL allotments, including existing ones, not just new ones.


Look at the Government's web page on "Review of statutory duties placed on local government" at:

Then fill in the "Statutory duties webform" which is in the top right-hand corner, or go to:

Time is short. We have only until 25 April.

The form is a bit confusing, so please find below some model answers which you can use, or you could of course write your own. But do fill in the form!

Statutory duties webform questions, with some suggested answers:

1. Please quote the reference number for the duty or duties you are commenting on.

2. What does this duty help local authorities to achieve?
Provide sufficient number of allotments for those in their area that want one.

3. Does undertaking this duty present local authorities with a burden?

4. In your opinion, could this duty be removed?

5. What are the particular benefits of this duty being removed and who would benefit?

6. What do you consider are the adverse effects of removing this duty and who would this affect?
We could lose many allotments just at a time they have become hugely popular in
many sections of the community, and when were are increasingly concerned about
the need for more exercise and a healthy diet for individuals, and about food security
for the nation...

7. Are you aware of any guidance - statutory or non-statutory - associated regulations or powers that are associated with this duty? If so please list them here.
Non statutory guidance: "Allotments: A plot holders' guide" at

8. In your opinion are powers and/or guidance helpful or do they create a burden?
The guidance is helpful.

9. Would you like to add any general comments about this particular duty?
Local government allotment provision has functioned well and at very little expense for many years.
The benefits to the public are difficult to measure, but must be substantial, and reach beyond allotment
holders and their families to the community at large...

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