Thursday, 19 January 2012

Conference - Future Growing, Composts for Gardeners

Here are some details of a conference in February that may be of interest to allotment gardeners and others

Future Growing Composts for Gardeners
Keynote Speaker: Christine Walkden
Plantswoman, Horticulturist, Writer and Broadcaster

Chairman Mr David Allison - National Vegetable Society

Gardeners are having mixed success with seedling and growing composts.

Gardening Gurus disagree on which is the best compost to use, being quite vociferous in their criticisms of each other in the press.

The issues have arisen mainly because of reduction in the use of peat and its replacement with other materials such as wood, coir and municipal green composts.

These composts have very different watering and nutrient management requirements but there is very little information given to gardeners.

The selection of a product in a garden centre is confusing and as often the compost areas are dominated by special offer posters rather than advice. There are no accreditation labels for guidance.

Many gardening publications are continuously reporting erratic and confusing test results, quite often for the same product. Product names change more often than some men change their socks!!

We are having a conference at STC, where you can discuss these issues with our scientists, who have been doing trials over many years. They will show you their latest trials and discuss best management practice with you.

We also have some manufacturers to tell you how they are developing new products and details of how you may be able to identify accredited products in the future.

Christine Walkden will be on the trials tour to comment and answer your individual questions.

Date February 16th
9.15am -4.30 pm

Stockbridge Technology Centre

FREE admission, lunch and refreshments.

Book your place with Ann Black 01757268275 or Ann Black (

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