Thursday, 2 February 2012

Scarcroft Site Care Day

Scarcroft Site Care Day

Sunday 18th March from 2-4pm

Dear Scarcroft allotmenteers

Here are some details about the resheduled Scarcroft site Care Afternoon.

The site Care Afternoon will now be held on the Scarcroft site, in order to do some cleaning and tidying for the coming season.

When: Sunday 18th March from 2-4pm.

Where: We will meet at the Shop/Hut at 2pm, if you come later have a look around the site for the work parties!

What we plan to do;
A litter pick all over the site but particularly along the public paths.
Put a narrow layer of woodchip in the centre of the public path at the back of Scarcroft Hill and Wentworth Rd where it has got really muddy in the last few weeks. Also on any other paths which are getting muddy.
Cut back any branches which are going across the paths but nothing drastic as birds will be planning their nest sites.

Do bring work gloves, secateurs, wheelbarrows and shovels if you have them.

We will have some spare gloves, litter pickers and black bags and there are a couple of wheelbarrows in the Hut.

Please dont take any of the woodchips for your own plot until after the 18th March so we can be sure we have enough.

Do email Sara on with any other jobs you have noticed which would make the allotments more attractive or secure.

Hot drinks, biscuits and chat available at 3.45 pm in the Hut!

Looking forward to seeing you on the 18th.
All good wishes

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