Sunday, 7 February 2010

Council Allotment Newsletter

City of York Council recently sent out a newsletter to their allotment tenants.  It is a really good edition and has information on the letters that get sent out to under cultivated plots, allotment jobs that can be done over the winter, the policy of offering half plots,  facilities for those who have difficulty gardening, plotholders responsibilites for their hedges and fences, advice on bonfires, information on what seeds can be kept and which should be thrown out, where you can get seeds from and rules regarding sheds and structures.  So as you can see it covers a lot.  Now we know that some of our members garden plots which they are not the official tennant for, either because they share it with friends or have inherited it or are helping someone out.  Anyway this means that some people who are actually gardening the allotments may not have recieved a copy of the newsletter even though it contains a lot of information that will be relevant to them.  So if that applies to you and you would like a copy please e-mail us at and we will email you the electronic version.

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