Thursday, 18 February 2010

Hospital Field Site Care Day

The folk at Hospital Field are such tidy souls that their site care day has been cancelled.  In preparation for the planned event, both Chris and Mike had a look round the site so see if anything needed to be done or if there were any particular problems with litter.  They thought there wasn't enough to warrant an organised event.  So you can put away your extra thick rubber gloves and your black plastic bags and sit back in the comfortable knowledge that Hospital Field is a paragon of cleanliness.  If you still have a burning desire to put your telescopic litter pickers or loppers to the test please feel free to join in on the Scarcroft Site Care day, between 1 and 4 on Saturday the 27th.  I think we can be fairly sure that Scarcroft won't be winning any awards for lack of litter, or for that matter dog mess, any day soon.

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