Sunday, 21 February 2010

Woodchips delivery - 50p a barrow

There has been a delivery of woodchips to the Scarcroft Site, in the shop carpark.  It is 50p a barrow load, which is great value, especially considering the convenience of having it delivered to the site.  Please pay in the shop.  If the shop is closed please put the money through the letter box on the front, ideally with a little note saying who it is from and what it's for, even better if you can put your plot number on it.  If you don't have a pen and paper to hand don't worry, just getting payment is the important thing.  The association does not get these deliveries for free so if you take it without paying then the shop loses money, and as you all know it is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers.

Next weekend we will be using some of the lower quality chippings, which is mostly conifer clippings, on the paths around the site as part of the Scarcroft Site Care Day.

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