Thursday, 15 October 2009

Last Night's Committee Meeting

Last night we held a Scarcroft and District Allotment Association committee meeting in the Golden Ball pub.  A rough list of the matters discussed is below:
  • We followed up on our last meeting with Rachel Shaw, our local police and community support officer.  We worked out who was going to persue and implement each of the security measures discussed at the last meeting and what will go into the next edition of our magazine Dig This.
  • Each site secretary presented matters arising from each of their sites - waiting lists, problems, allocation of plots, skips etc
  • We discussed the shop and our financial positioin overall and promoting potatoes and seeds
  • We planned our end of season party in the Golden Ball on the Friday 20th November (all committee members who didn't attend were allocated lots of things to do)
  • We discussed what should go into the next edition of Dig This
  • We put in the diary the date of the next meeting and a site care day for February
  • We discussed the blog and had some training on how to put up posts on it
  • Graham noted a few issues to be taken to the next site secretaries meeting
That is about it.  Not a long meeting and with no big fights (not that we usually have big fights), so all in all a success.

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