Friday, 2 October 2009

Micklegate Ward Funds

I noticed in the October issue of Your Ward for Micklegate Ward, that there is a proposal for ward funds (£50) to be set aside for a seed swap.  The money would be spent on 'covering the costs for posters and to advertise in the allotment newsletter and to help facilitate the event'.  Has anyone out there heard anything about this?  As far as I am aware the proposal hasn't come from the allotment committee so I am presuming when it refers to allotment newsletter they mean the council one that is sent out to all plot holders but not neccessarily to all local residents.  I know that if there is interest in a seed swap the association committee would probably be happy to promote it through the members newsletter and put posters up for free.  We are a not for profit organisation, so if we make anything in the shop it gets saved for future needs, ploughed back in to covering the expenses of the shop (all the folk who work there are unpaid volunteers), keeping prices low and funding the newsletter and promotion of events.  Also for the last 3 years we have held a seed swap at the AGM, it hasn't been very well attended, but that might be more to do with the AGM.  However, a widely promoted seed swap might have far more appeal. 

Would you be interested in attending a seed swap?  If so, please comment on this 'post' and/or vote on the questionnaire/poll to the right of your screen.

There are also quite a few other suggestions for the allocations of funds that might be of interest to allotment and private gardeners including planting fruit trees around the area and organising a free bee keeping course.

If you want to attend the ward meeting it will be held at Millthorpe School, Nunthorpe Avenue on the thursday 8th October from 7pm

Agenda for Ward Meeting
  1. 7pm Surgery.Your chance to meet your: Ward Councillors, Neighbourhood Management officer, Safer Neighbourhood Team, Street Environment Officer , Representatives from Housing Services and Planning and Sustainable Development.
  2. 7.30pm Main Meeting - Introduction and Minutes
  3. Education for the local community - Representatives from Learning, Culture and Children’s Services will tell you about: The new children’s centre at Knavesmire School,Early years provision, the consultation on admissions policy, Primary school provision, addressing the places issue
  4. Terry's Site Development - Richard Beal and Katherine Atkinson (Planning and Sustainable Development) will outline the planning process and discuss the latest proposals for the site. Grantside and the Planning Panel will also attend
  5. Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour - Housing Services would like your views to inform the development of a strategy for dealing with anti-social behaviour.
  6. Proposed Schemes for 2010/11 - this is the bit
  7. Have Your Say - Your opportunity to discuss issues and concerns

 PS. they will also be giving away low energy light bulbs and timer switches.


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Scarcroft and District Allotment Association said...

Sara attended this meeting. Her report is posted as a separate post on 13th October 2009.