Saturday, 10 October 2009

More thefts at the top end of Scarcroft Allotments

This week, locked sheds were broken into and tools stolen from at least 2 plots at the top corner of Scarcroft site.  The thefts happened sometime between Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon.  The police have been informed and hopefully our local community support offficer Rachel Shaw will be watching the CCTV footage back, as that is the area covered by the CCTV.  If you have one of those plots and saw anyone you didn't know up there, acting suspiciously, over those days, please let Rachel Shaw know as it may help her know which bits of the footage to start with. Her e-mail address is:

The plots in question are near the Millthorpe School and the flats on Cogan Close, the plot numbers are 33 and 47.  There may be other thefts nearby that haven't been reported yet,  if you have also been affected please let the police know and get an incident number.  The more of a problem we are seen to have the more police resources will be allocated to the site.

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