Tuesday, 13 October 2009

What happened at the Micklegate Ward meeting?

This post is a follow on from the one about the ward meeting posted at 9.31 on the 2nd October 2009.

Sara Robin attended this meeting and pointed out to the ward committee that we already do a seed swap and would be happy to keep doing them and to promote it through the allotment association if there was a demand. She also said that we didn't need the £50 but would be happy to have it if the ward wanted to give it to us. The initial suggestion came from D Carmichael, who is not an association member and who didn't attend the meeting. The next steps will be for the proposition to be voted on by a wider audience.

Laura Pott's suggestion for a community allotment on Scarcroft Green was also discussed. Laura was unable to attend but sent in an email to explain her suggestion further. Her email is quoted below:
" The proposal for a community orchard on the Green would work as a community development project that I would support, drawing in local schools, local groups such as The Stables project, youth and churches, and be linked to the St Clement's Centre too. I would be prepared to put the work in to initiate this, and to develop local events related to it. When suggestions for the ward are being considered, I would be grateful if these facts be included; without this being made explicit, it may well be seen as unrealistic."
Good luck to Laura with what sounds like a really interesting project.

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