Thursday, 3 June 2010

Easy does it on the strimmers

Judith Ward, the council allotments officer, has passed on to the Association complaints from residents of Wentworth Road and Telford Terrace about the excessive use of strimmers.  I think you can probably include cultivators in there too as they can sound similar.  Basically we are annoying our neighbours so please try to be considerate in your use. 

A previous Council Allotment Newsletter said:
'If you use a strimmer, please consider how the noise affects neighbouring residents and allotment tenants. A sunny Sunday may seem a convenient time for you to strim the weeds at the back of your plot, but the family in the neighbouring house may have been hoping to spend an afternoon with friends in their garden. Could you save your strimming for a grey day?'
Judith would also suggest that if you are spending a lot of time strimming the plot may well be too large for you, and she'd be glad to discuss a reduction.
So try not to use them for longer than half an hour at a time and time to keep to reasonable times of day. 

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