Friday, 4 June 2010

Free Composted Green Waste

It's the Association that keeps on giving.  First it was free potatoes and onion sets, now it's free composted green waste. 

This morning we took delivery of a massive skip truck load of compost at the Scarcroft site.  It is free to all association members.  It will make great soil conditioner, it's really fine and not woody at all.  It would also be perfect for earthing up your potatoes.  Thanks to Mike Oldfield from the Association committee, Judith and Sue from the council and the folks from YorWaste for organising this.

I'm afraid we couldn't deliver to Hospital Fields or to Hob Moor this time because the truck they bought it in was too big.  However, members who are home gardeners or from any other allotment site can come and help themselves.  If you are not free this weekend (and even though the pile is massive I don't think it will last long) you could still go to Harewood Whin on one of the giveaway dates listed below.

So get up early, slap on some sunscreen and fill your barrow.

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