Thursday, 3 June 2010

Tuesday 1st June Committee Meeting

Below is a rough summary of what happened at the committee meeting this Tuesday.  If  you would like the full minutes when they are available please contact us on this e-mail address

Venue:  Golden Ball Pub
Time:  7pm - 9pm

Present:  Mike Oldfield, Sara Robins, Laura Potts, Claire Pickard, Heather Dawes (secretary), Graham Sanderson (Chair), Linda James, Caroline Bush

1. Apologies from Chris Adams and Chris Whittaker
2. Minutes of meeting on Wednesday 14th April 2010 and matters arising
  • update on the CCTV
  • tool marking still in progress
3. Matters from Scarcroft, Hob Moor, and Hospital Fields
  • Scarcroft 72 on waiting list, dangerous wall update.  Graham reiterated in detail what the role of the site secretaries (ie him and Claire) were on Scarcroft - ie principally waiting list management and reviewing unworked plot (which is very time consuming) and not airing/championing individual plotholders concerns to the council
  • Hob Moor - some plots coming up.  Malcolm saw his site secretary role as having a broader remit than Claire and Graham do.
  • Hospital Field - one plot under review
4. Treasurer’s report
  • feedback on accounts - all in the black, doing well
  • potato sales dissappointing
  • seed and netting etc sales excellent
5. Shop matters
  • Trying to arrange for YorWaste to deliver free composted waste to the Scarcroft site
  • New Shop Rota in place, including individuals who are not on the committee
  • Remaining potato and onion sets to be given away
  • suggested that a water butt should be attached to the shop (no one actually agreed to take this project on)
6. Blog and membership update
  • 213 members, more than in previous years and 11 are from HM, still quite a few Scarcroft people haven't joined this year
7. Events planning:
  • Bat/Moth event Friday 9th and the 10th July 2010 - experts arranged by Sara, David Baker Butterfly Conservation and Joanne Hodgson from Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
  • Bishopthorpe Road Street Party in July - we will attend but not do stall
  • Summer event - Sunday 12th September in the triangle on Scarcroft, bring food to share, plot on a plate competition + activities for children
  • Allotments Competition 2010 - nominations need to be in by 30th June, only role for committee to encourage tennants to vote by e-mail and put up notices of the site map so people know plot numbers
8. Project planning:

  • 5 non committee volunteers so far
  • Shop - including water supply, porch, access ramp - in planning stage
  • Clearing area around Shop - didn't get time to discuss this
  • Calendar, postcards, recipes… - decided to do calendar and postcards this year and recipe book next year - Caroline to arrange
  • tree maintanence - all happy for Iris Wells to do work on trees, need to tell council first
9. Date of next meeting Wed 25th August

10. Any other business,
  • Discussion of whether the path along the school wall on Scarcroft should be cleared to allow cars to drive up it.  Council says that as the Association planted the trees along the wall (to deter vandalism and people entering the plots by coming over the school wall) it could be argued that it is the Associations job to maintain the hedge.  The council could cut back this route but it would take funds away from other tasks on the site.  Lots of divided opinions on committee about whether cars should be allowed any further than the designated car park.   Also reminded that plot holders should be responsible for both sides of their hedge if their plot is next to a path. Considered polling the Association membership on this issue but not all have email and not all plot holders are members.
  • New tap to added to the plots nearest the car park on Scarcroft (16 plotholders currently share one tap)


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