Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A course on Urban Horticulture

The nice folk at the University of York thought some of us might be interested in a course they are running on Urban Horticulture.  The deails and contact information are below.  If you do book in please can you let them know that you heard about the course through the Scarcroft and District Allotment and Amateur Gardeners Association website.

Lifelong learning - Introduction to Urban Horticulture

The history of allotments and urban food production is a long one. We begin with the earliest cities and civilisations: the initial separation between people as growers, and people as consumers of food.  Progressing through the Middle Ages, the Enclosures and the agricultural and industrial revolutions, we find inevitable and continual tensions over access to land and struggles against food poverty; a fascinating story of possession, dispossession and repossession. We then study the gradual rise of the allotment as a solution - to a constantly shifting problem - as well as the surges and declines it has seen over time.We look abroad, to Cuba, China, Belgium, African countries and the USA, where urban food growing has evolved in dramatically different directions. Finally, we examine the local ‘status quo’, including a visit to a York allotment site, and the evolution of students’ own horticultural knowledge and interest.

Catherine Heinemeyer BSc MSc
Term: Autumn
Day: Thursday
Start Date: 07 October 2010
Time: 7-9pm
No. of weeks: 11
Full fee: £107.00
Credits: 10
Places Left: 7
Location:  University of York Campus

you can book through this website:  https://store.york.ac.uk/courses/coursedetails.asp?CourseDateID=192&CourseID=140&compid=1

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