Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Special Projects Task Force Get To Work

Today a few volunteers (I like to think of them as the Special Projects Task Force) got together by the allotment hut to do Mike's bidding.  Our tasks were to clear the rubble by the shop and to search for the water mains so that we can eventually have running water in the shop, which will be much better for those that handle the fertilisers etc.  Well, after lots of bare chested sweating and tea and cake scoffing, we managed one of two.  The rubble is clear, but despite a lovely tidy archeaologically useful trench no water pipe was found.  We even played around with a metal detector for a while to see if that helped, but it didn't. Ah well we will return to fight another day.

Many thanks to all those who helped out:
  • Katy Brierley
  • John Brierley
  • Iris Wells
  • Graham Sanderson
  • Adrian Clayton
  • Linda James
  • Frank Rice
  • Caroline Bush
  • Mike Oldfield

After (its more impressive in real life, honest)

Searching for the mains

Hard at work

We are likely to have more special projects going on later in the year so if you would like to volunteer please contact the association on  The more the merrier.

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