Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Call for people who want to sell their produce

Dear All
I live in Southbank in York, and am trying to form a group of people to set up a Country Market producers group (used to be called WI markets) in York, some of you may know there is a very small group in Heslington already. Anybody who would like to sell food/plants that they have grown or made and/or hand crafted items in a very small producers group should get in touch with me. My initial thought is to get a stall a couple of days a week at Newgate Market in York centre. Using the Country Markets scheme is a very cheap and simple way to form a co-op, and bring very locally produced goods to market.

The whole idea of the scheme is to sell small amounts or occasional surplus produce so don't be shy about getting in touch even if you can only produce 3 crates of greengages on 2 market days a year......I also would love to hear from people who could bake every week, bring plants along, weave viking costumes etc. It would also be wonderful to hear from any businesses that would like to source locally made/grown items.

Please get in touch with

Inga Brereton

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