Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Free Bike Hod

Would you like an easy way to transport your tools by bike to your plot? A generous ex Hob Moor plotholder has offered us his 'Bike Hod' trailer. A Bike Hod is a bag which you attach to your bike and use to carry stuff about. He used to use his to carry his tools to and from his plot. He is now giving it away and would love it to go to an allotmenteer who would benefit from it. He says it's well used from many muddy trips, but completely intact.
If you would like this Bike Hod please contact Caroline on the allotment e-mail address  and we will put you in touch with him. If you want more information please look at this website

1 comment:

Scarcroft and District Allotment Association said...

It's been taken by a plotholder. Thanks Paul.