Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Committee Meeting 14th of April

Apologies for the delay in getting the summary to you all.  The meeting was held in the Golden Ball as usual.

Scarcroft & District Allotment and Amateur Gardener’s Association Summary
Wednesday 17h April 2010 at the Golden Ball
Present: Graham Sanderson, Mike Oldfield, Linda James, Laura Potts, Chris Adams, Sara Robin, Malcolm Hainsworth, Claire Pickard, Caroline Bush, Tom Walters
1. Apologies: Chris Whittaker, Heather Dawe, Tina Funnell

2. Minutes of meeting on 20th January and matters arising
• We are still endeavouring to get the cctv position changed

3. Election of Officers
• Chair: Graham Sanderson re-elected
• Secretary: Heather Dawe will replace Linda James
• Treasurer: Mike Oldfield re-elected
• Shop Manager: Tom Walters re-elected.  Mike Oldfield will share responsibilities

4. Matters from Scarcroft, Hob Moor and Hospital Fields
• Waiting list and skips discussed
Hob Moor
• Waiting list discussed
Hospital Fields
• Waiting list, bees and chickens discussed

5. Treasurers Report
• What is and isn’t selling well
• Insurance and electricity costs
• Potential for a water supply for the shop. After handling chemicals volunteers will need to wash their hands.

6. Blog and Membership Update
• Update on numbers of new and renewed members and what sites they are from
• Update on addition of fixed pages to blog

7. Potential and upcoming Spring and Summer Events
• Spring Event – a social evening at the Golden Ball on 30 April, 7.30pm – 8pm.
• Moth and bat night
• Seed and plant swap – agreed to hold this Sunday 9 May
• Summer event TBC

9. Any Other Business
• No update on tool marking
• Suggested getting volunteers for special projects
• Rota to include more people in shop
. Date of Next Meeting - 1 June 2010, 7pm at the Golden Ball

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