Friday, 28 May 2010

Were there any break ins on Scarcroft Last Night?

Last night, around 10pm,  I rang the police after hearing what sounded like someone trying to kick their way into a shed.  I could also hear a number of male voices.  However, from my house, because of the trees I couldn't exactly see where they were on the site.  The police came in 5-10 minutes (impressive I thought) but the people had scarpered by then.  When the police looked round they couldn't see any damage to any sheds, but of course they couldn't inspect the whole site.  If your shed was broken into last night please can you let the committee know either by e-mail or by popping into the shop this weekend.  I hate the idea of having call the police out over nothing as they may be less likely to come another time.




Lottyuser said...

In April, we had to clear away bottles, bottle tops and part of a syringe from our allotment.
4 June, the water tap above our allotment on Scarcroft Road (plot 57) had been left on and twisted. Canes had been pulled out and broken.The plastic bottles on top of canes had been thrown everywhere. There was a broken beer bottle, footprints here and there throughout the plot and onions pulled out.
It appeared that whoever had been there had been fighting with the bean canes, which had been splintered by force.
A hoe is missing, but to be honest we are more concerned about the wanton damage inflicted to the plot.
Our shed does not have a lock and we do not keep anything of value in it. Our shed has been broken into before so we now leave it unlocked as to be honest a lock is just a challenge!

CaroB, Scarcroft said...

Have you reported this to the police on 0845 60 60 247? This seems to be part of a spate of crime on Scarcroft in that area at the moment. My plot (plot 60) was also vandalised on that occasion, most irritatingly they pierced a large hole in a fruit cage I had just put up. Then, sometime between last Sunday, the 6th and last Thursday, my shed was broken into, using a pair of shears from another plot. They didn't take anything but did loads of expensive damage to the doors. Plot 55's shed was also broken into, possibly on the same night.

Reporting this to the police means that they can build up a better picture of what is going on on our site and balance their resources appropriately.


Anonymous said...

Hose connectors stolen from Scarcroft Rd end plot Tues July 6th

Scarcroft and District Allotment Association said...

Hi Anon

Thanks for letting us know. Please can you drop an e-mail to to let us know exactly which plot. Do you mean the tap by plot 94 (Sammy's plot), just by the carpark? Or was it taken from a plot? I know it sounds like a small thing but I will let Rachel Shaw our PCSO know and it is helpful if she has details.